High School Homework Station

It’s back-to-school time again. At this time of year we usually think of preparing our elementary school children for school, but it’s just as important to prepare our high school students for back-to-school and homework. Creating a homework station for high school students is key to their academic success.

Why set up a homework station for high school students?

  • Establish a work zone – Set a location that is recognized as the homework work zone. In the same way that you know it’s time to work when you sit down at the desk in your office, your child will know it’s time to study at the homework station. Find a location that works for your family. Ideally, the homework station will be at a desk or table, but if that doesn’t work for your child or your family, then find a location that both you and your child agree on.
  • Remove distractions – When your child was young, you could simply turn off the T.V. and put away the toys until after study time. Now that your child is in high school, it’s more difficult to remove distraction. It’s important that your child not take a cell phone to the homework station. Remove other distractions, such as T.V., siblings, etc., as well. Providing a distraction-free zone for homework will enable her to focus on her studies, do a better job on homework and get done more quickly.
  • Provides needed tools – Have supplies and tools needed for homework readily available. You don’t want your child to loose his train of thought scrambling around looking for a needed item. You also don’t want him wasting time hunting around for an item he needs.
  • Shows your child that you are serious about helping her succeed in school and supporting her.
  • Helps him set establish good study habits and maintain them.

Placing homework supplies in a caddy or tote makes it easy for your child to have everything readily available. Using a caddy also works well if your child uses a kitchen table or other shared space for a homework station.

Now is the time to purchase homework supplies in addition to school supplies. Start the school year with everything your high school student will need and save money at the back-to-school sales.

Supplies Needed for a Homework Station

Involve your student in setting up the homework station so that she will be more invested in and excitement about using the homework station. Buying new school supplies is fun, even for high school students. Enjoy that time with your high school student and create new back-to-school memories.

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