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I love getting my kiddos schedules for school and activities and adding them all into a fresh new planner! So, if you’re looking for a new planner and some cute accessories to help keep your 2018 organized keep reading for some of my faves from Target!

This one from May Designs is awesome, it comes in two colors blush + blue, and I love that it has a detailed day page as well as a monthly page. If you prefer an academic style planner this one below from Day Designer for Blue Sky is awesome. I’ve had this planner before and the pages inside are perfect for keeping track of your calendar and goals!

If you prefer something that is really simple with just blank day pages and monthly pages, that is slim and can fit anywhere in your purse or on your desk this one is a great option! To see a full collection of all 2018 planners available at Target go here.


Next up you need all the accessories for your planner to make it your own, think cute pens, pencils, stickers and washi tape! Below are just a few of my faves, and also pick up a cute pencil case to hold all your goodies in one place that you can easily move from your kitchen counter to your office!


Planner Accessories for 2018


What types of planners do you prefer? Leave a comment or a link below with your faves, I’d love to see them. Happy Planning in 2018!

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