How To Create The Perfect Reading Nook

how to create the perfect reading nookWe love defining spaces and creating zones for activities within our home. A reading nook is the perfect place to cozy up after a long day of work and relax. Find a neglected corner in your home and get ready to head to Target. But first, take a moment to define your style and make sure you have a plan of action. We love shopping on a whim, but some thought needs to go into this process.

Ask yourself what is your style, what colors do you want, and what is your budget. We start with the essential pieces first – seating, lighting, and storage. You’ll need a chair, a lamp for extra light, and a side table for beverages and books. After these decisions are made, focus on the accessories for comfort and style. Look at blankets, pillows, footstools, poufs, and art.

Carefully curate a space that is functional and chic. Call up one of your girlfriends and head to Target with them ASAP to make a little retreat for yourself this weekend.

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