How to Keep Your Reusable Water Bottles Clean

How to keep your reusable water bottle clean

The trend of drinking from reusable bottles is one that is here to stay!  Not only do you make a positive impact on the earth but you are inspired to drink more water.  There are so many cute options available to choose from but over time bottles can start to harbor unappealing smells and molds so it’s important to keep them clean.  Here are a few tips and unexpected tools to keep your choice of stylish bottle squeaky clean:

Munchkin Bottle and Nipple Brush

Introducing your secret weapon! This hidden gem is found in the baby section at TARGET! Use the Munchkin Bottle Brush for everyday cleaning. The long brush cleans deep inside and the small detachable brush can help with cleaning all the small parts, straws, and nozzles.


Flour Sack Kitchen Towel

To try to prevent smelly water bottles by drying thoroughly and letting the bottle air out with daily use. (Cute dish towels like these Flour Sack Kitchen Towel – by Room Essentials found at TARGET can only add to your cleaning experience!)


Baking Soda

It’s only a matter of time where your bottle needs refreshing. Fill the bottle with Hot water and one or two spoonfuls of Baking Soda 16oz – Market Pantry. Shack and let soak for a few hours and then wash as normal.

White Vinegar

To battle a bad smelling bottle, fill to the brim with White Vinegar from Market Pantry and let sit overnight to neutralize any odors. Rinse before using!

Dish Soap

Dish soap is the most common way to clean your water bottle and this one us great because it helps clean any mold. We LOVE the Lemon Verbena scent of this natural Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap. It brings a little joy to the chore of washing dishes!

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