How to Make a Cupcake Wrapper Crown

Are you having endless cold rain like we are?

If you aren’t, you’re lucky! And if you are, fear not because spring will arrive soon. We’re getting into the spirit of the season here by making Cupcake Wrapper Paper Crowns, from simple items found at every Target. They are gorgeous, and easy too! Make them for a party, or just for the sake of spring.

Standard Carnation Like Flower: For each flower, you will need 5 cupcake liners and 1 small round piece of green craft foam (about 3/4″ diameter).

Fold each cupcake liner in half, so the design is on the outside. Then fold each piece into thirds. Glue one liner onto the other at the base of the liners with hot glue. Continue to glue the remaining liners to each other creating a flower. Finally, glue the green round foam to the bottom. This helps to keep the flower together.

2 tone inset flower: For each flower you will need 2 patterned cupcake liners and 4 solid color liners.

Flatten each solid color liner and put the white sides together and secure in the center with hot glue. Repeat with the other 2 solid liners. Place on top of one another and glue in the center. Ruffle the center liner by folding to create dimension.

Flatten the pattern liners and fold in half and then in thirds just as you did for the carnation flower. Secure to the center to the solid colors with hot glue.

Pointy Flower: For each flower you will need 5 patterned cupcake liners.

Flatten each cupcake liner and fold 3 times. That means you fold in half and then in half again, and in half one more time. Trim the open ends to a point. Unfold and open and you’ll have a flower shape.

Place the white sides of 2 of the cupcake liners together and secure in the center with hot glue. Take the remaining liners and fold them in half, but leave them a bit uneven and irregular to create depth and dimension.

Secure them to the center of the flower with hot glue.

Green Leaves: For every 4 green leaves, you’ll need 1 green cupcake liner.

Fold the cupcake liner in half 3 times. Trim the liner to create a leaf shape making sure you cut at least one side of the paper. You’ll end up with cute green hearts when you unfold them. Fold the hearts in half and secure with hot glue.

To assemble:

Take 2 chenille stems and twist them together. Repeat with the other two. Connect the stems by twisting the two ends together. Press firmly to secure. Loop the ends and twist together.

Attach flowers to the chenille stem with hot glue. Tuck in leaves and affix with hot glue.

Cut two 18″ pieces of green ribbon and wrap them in the hoop of the chenille stem. Secure with hot glue.

Place your paper flower crown onto your head and tie a bow with the ribbon.

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These are adorable! I'll have to give these cuties a try.

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