How to Travel Light

travel light

Traveling this Holiday season? We know that packing involves lots of big and small decisions and that everyone has their own idea of comfort and style. However, in this busy time of year where planes get delayed, where traffic is not your best friend, and you’re trying to get from point A to point B in the quickest time possible, we suggest packing light to save your sanity and your spine.

  1. Roll Your StuffStart with a bag that fits in a plane’s overhead compartment with minimal shoving. Duffle bags are awesome except when you have to carry them from terminal A to terminal F. Make sure you get one with wheels.
  2. Clear Cosmetic Bag: A simple clear cosmetic bag is so useful to carry small objects such as socks, underwear, medication, and jewelry
  3. This Travel KitBam! Everything you need in one little travel kit. Ditch your big shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste, just remember whatever you run out of you can easily buy at your destination.
  4. Packing CubesFolded is smaller than wadded. Folded and rolled: smaller still. Keep all your clothes compact and organized with packing cubes. 
  5. Wash Your Clothes: Truly you don’t need to pack an outfit for each day you are traveling especially if you are visiting friends or family that have a washer. Take your own soap to be polite and you’re golden.
  6. Compact Umbrella: No need to take so many layers. This compact umbrella can protect you from rain and snow.

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