Instant Pot Vanilla Infused Yogurt

Vanilla infused sweet yogurt made in the Instant Pot! You need this NO-FAIL recipe to make breakfast and desserts a little better! 

Are you a yogurt fan? Do you like dishes made from yogurt or do you like enjoying chilled yogurt with toppings and honey? If you did answer yes to these questions, this post is for you! If you said no, by the end of this post you will be running to the kitchen to make some yogurt for sure! 

Flavored yogurt is something we can get off the shelf; but when made at home, it is super satisfying, delicious and cheap too. It is fairly simple to make yogurt in the Instant Pot once you understand the temperature play in it. Too hot a culture will not make yogurt and neither will super cold milk. Once you master that and start making yogurt at home; you will be addicted I promise!

I use this yogurt to top fruits, to enjoy with granola or just dig in with a spoon. My family loves it with grilled stone fruits through summer. I make a BIG lot of this and we all enjoy it for 5-7 days. Then it is time for another yummy batch.

Yogurt has many health benefits and it is always a great idea to have it throughout the year. Plus, this yogurt is a great ingredient in recipes like pancakes and popsicles. Yogurt pops are good for kids and one can add any fruit or nuts to make them.

Why make yogurt in the Instant Pot?

Making yogurt needs a warm environment, milk, starter and add-ins (if using). These factors dictate how the final result will turn out. A warm environment can be natural in many regions depending on the season or created artificially. An oven with the light on, a microwave or incubator works well. But, these methods need monitoring as keeping the yogurt warm for a longer time makes it sour.

The Instant Pot can be programmed to shut off after a few hours and helps to make perfect yogurt each time. Plus, this method insulates the yogurt from the outside environment and so the yogurt is awesome in all seasons! And it is super easy to clean up after making the yogurt. I like to make mine in small glass jars and use each of them for a meal!

Now with all that information; it is time to learn how to make vanilla flavored yogurt in the Instant Pot. So, wait no further and read on!



  • Heat the milk to a full boil. Once boiled, turn down the flame and let the milk cool a little.
  • To make yogurt in individual mason jars, add some room temperature yogurt, condensed milk and pure vanilla extract in each of the jars.
  • In the base of the Instant Pot add 1/2 cup water. Place the trivet and keep it ready.
  • Once the milk cools to 110-115 F, divide it in the jars. Place the jars in the Instant Pot.
  • Set the mode to YOGURT and time to 8 hours. Close the lid and let the cycle complete for the specified time.
  • Once the timer beeps and the display shows YOGT, remove the jars and let them cool. Refrigerate till consumption.

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Linda Wechsler
Do you put lids on the jars before placing them in the Instant pot on the yogurt setting or after you take them out? Thanks
So many unknowns. How much is a little of the ingredients? You only have 1 tsp of you divide that by 4? Also do you put the lids on the jars before you put them in the pot?

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