Keep Your Lazy Cat Healthy

Cats have a well-deserved reputation for laziness. Who doesn’t envy all that stretching out and napping? But your cat – like you – needs exercise and stimulation to stay healthy AND out of mischief (anyone else have furniture that doubles as a scratching post?). Here are our top tips to keep your favorite fuzzy friend happy, healthy and playful.

  • Set aside some time every day to play with your cat. Find the right toys – cats love to chase around small toys or jump at feathers or dangling ribbons. Also, who could forget the laser pointer or other battery-operated toys? Try out a few different kinds to see what your cat loves!
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of good food. Many pet experts and veterinarians recommend a grain-free food to make sure your cat is getting an optimal amount of protein.
  • Be sure you’re providing constant access to fresh water, especially during meal times.
  • Another fun activity are “food puzzles” – recommended if your cat eats too fast or even for treats!
  • To preserve your furnishing, consider a separate scratching post.
  • Cats also love “vertical” places to hide and sleep away from the fray!
  • Finally, who could forget CATNIP! Just a small amount on a bed or stuffed in a toy will keep a cat happy and occupied for hours!

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