Limited Edition C9 Champion by Anna Kaiser

anna kaiser

Inspired by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, The C9 Champion Limited Edition by Anna Kaiser is technically designed yet stylish and fit for any activity!  The entire collection of apparel and accessories is available exclusively at Target starting in January and is also available in Plus and Maternity sizes. The partnership brings together breathable fabric technology and empowering messages into one ready-to-move performance collection.

If you haven’t heard of Anna, check out her dance-inspired boutique fitness routines, a cross-training technique/circuit that incorporates the best workouts available (dance, HIIT, circuit training, toning, pilates, and even yoga!). Target is even hosting an “AKT Tour” featuring Anna’s signature “Happy Hour” classes for guests to try out—for free!—at select Target stores in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and New York City.  If you’re not near one of those locations, you can also enter your email to unlock three complimentary workout sessions from Anna at her site, AKTinmotion!

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