Lollipop Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Are you looking for a darling valentine that is so easy your kids can help put it together? Look no further, these lollipop flowers come together in minutes with minimal cutting, and of course a delicious sucker in the middle. They are the perfect Valentine for a class party or just because and with two easy supplies that you can pick up at Target, you will be ready to create in no time.

You will need:

You can make these flowers with just about any baking cups but the easiest thing to do is grab a stack of rainbow baking cups by the cake mixes. This will let you create flowers in any of the colors and give you the simple green you need for the leaves.

Take two baking cups in your color of choice and flip them inside out. You can trip the inside baking cup if you want, or leave it full sized. It is completely up to you and how you want your flowers to look.

Layer the baking cups one inside the other and then squish them together to help get the ruffled flower look. Insert the lollipop into the center of the baking cups by pushing the stick through the paper and then squish the baking cups around the lollipop again.

Cut rounded edges into a green baking cup that has been turned inside out. Push the green baking cup onto the lollipop stick underneath the red cups. Mold it to the red cups but not too much because you want to be able to see the leaves poking out from under neath the flower.

If you want, you can glue the baking cups to keep them in place, but it isn’t really necessary as they will stay on their own pretty well. You can add a tag to write a message on or simply just hand out the suckers as is.

What do you do for Valentine’s Day?

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