Luck O’ The Irish Pallet Sign

Between the Dollar Spot and the craft aisle, Target always has the best decorations for upcoming holidays. This Shamrock Luck O’ The Irish sign is really easy to make and you can pick up everything you need in the craft aisle of Target.

You will need:



Paint the sign white, making sure to get int the crevices of the pallet.


Cut a large shamrock from vinyl. You can do this with a vinyl cutter or since a Shamrock is such a simple shape you can use a printed shamrock as a template and a pair of scissors to make the cut. The fantastic thing about this project is that since you are using the Shamrock outline, you can save the large center for another project. Add the outline of the shamrock to the sign, smooth the edges down really well so green paint won’t get underneath the vinyl.


Using a foam brush, paint towards the inside of the shamrock. Painting towards the center will help keep paint from getting under the vinyl. After the shamrock is completely dry, peel the vinyl off of the board. Use a green marker to write Luck O’ The Irish on the bottom of the sign. If you are worried about messing up the wording, write it in pencil first and then cover the pencil with the marker.


Do you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day?

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