Makeup Brushes You Should Get at Target

Make up brushes you should get at target

One of the most important and most often overlooked tool when it comes to getting the perfect makeup look is the brush you select.  The great news about this is that you can get great brushes for an affordable price at Target.  One or two brushes simply won’t do though.  The best tip we can share is to use brushes specifically designed to target each area of the face.  Here are some of our favorites.

beauty brush

Beauty BlenderOne of the newest tools on the market is the beauty blender.  These work wonders for applying foundation and getting even coverage.  

Maybeline beauty brush

Powder BrushUsing a large brush with a full head of bristles ensures that your powder doesn’t end up in circular splotches on your face.  It allows the powder to sweep over your face for a smooth finish.

Full Set of Shadow Brushes

Full Set of Shadow BrushesThe key to beautifully blended eyeshadow application is using a different brush for each color of shadow.  This set has a brush for every job!  Base shadow, crease, eyeliner.  You’ve got your bases covered.

eye lash brush

Eyebrow & Eyelash BrushTame those unruly eyebrows and get those eyelashes looking perfect with this $1 brush.


Retractable Lip BrushThis brush is a woman’s best friend.  Whether you are attempting an ombre lip or just an even application of your favorite lipstick, this portable lip brush will be one you want with you all day long.

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