Managing Stress During the Holidays

Managing stress

The Holiday season is in full swing. We have parties and school presentations to get to. We have Teacher Gifts to prepare, gifts for our family, and white elephant gifts to buy for work/church/neighborhood parties. We have cookies swaps we committed too and places we signed up to volunteer at. All good things no doubt, but needless to say we have a lot on our plate. Having so much to do, plus dealing with inconveniences like snow days, the inevitable colds that kids bring back from school during this time of year, your Holiday shopping not getting delivered on time, can drive anyone up the wall especially during this time of year when our emotions are a rollercoaster (does anyone else cry to those Hallmark Christmas movies?).

It’s ok to Feel Sad

Whether it’s grieving the loss of a family member or friend you have fond memories of spending Holidays together or even feeling sad because your family is clear across the country, it’s ok to grieve. You can’t force yourself to be happy just because it’s the Holidays. Take time for yourself to process your feelings and call family members that you won’t get to see this year to help you feel connected to the ones you love.

Be Realistic

Don’t be a Holidayzilla. If you haven’t gotten the elf on the shelve out of your storage, don’t freak out, it’s perfectly fine to skip it one year. Haven’t had time to go cut down the perfect tree? Target is having a huge  Christmas tree sale. You can get a fake tree for $13! Even if it’s not exactly the way you planned it can still be fun.

Stick to a Budget

We know, we want it all too! But sticking to your budget will minimize so much stress and you’ll feel much better about starting 2017 out without having to worry about all the bills you have to pay. Make a clear budget on how much money you want to spend for gifts and food and stick with it.

Plan Ahead

Don’t try to cram everything in all at once and definitely, don’t try to cram it all on Christmas eve. Plan your shopping days, organize what you are baking, and set up days and times to meet people. Don’t feel like you need to do all the hosting, sometimes just getting together for coffee or a quick bite is just as good and way less stressful.

Stick to Your Healthy Habits

We know this is the season of abundant sugar, but stick with your healthy habits. Get enough sleep, eat well, and if you need to get back on track with exercising you can give yourself an early Christmas present to stay on track of your health.

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