Mason Jar Bunny Gift

If there’s one area at Target that always immediately draws us in, it’s Bullseye’s Playground. We can never pass it up! It contains so many trinkets and treasures. But a favorite of ours are the beautiful, inexpensive jars which, when given a little extra special DIY TLC, can become the perfect gift for a friend, neighbor, or family member!

With Easter on its way, these Mason Jars found in Bullseye’s Playground were just begging to be filled with green paper grass, a chocolate bunny, and candy eggs to brighten someone’s day. And we couldn’t help but add cute paper ears on top to complete the look.

This craft is a simple way to spread some spring time joy! You’ll need:

Target has all the supplies you’ll need to complete this project.

Begin by adding a little bit of Easter grass to the bottom of your jar. Sprinkle a few M&M’s Eggs inside and place an unwrapped chocolate bunny in the center. You’ll want to make sure the bunny sits far enough down that the lid can still go on.

Paint the jar lid white with a foam brush and allow it to dry. It may take a few coats to cover completely.

Draw and cut out two ears with white cardstock. Ours measured about 3 1/2″ in height. Draw and cut out two pieces of pink paper that fit nicely inside the white pieces.

Glue the pink pieces on top of the white pieces with a glue stick.

Hot glue the ears to the back of the lid. That’s it!

These are so easy to make in bulk for all your friends and loved ones! And aren’t they just so darling?! Plus, who wouldn’t get excited about a nice dose of chocolate?

Can you think of a special someone who would love to receive this gift for Easter?

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