My Must-Haves for Getting Through a Night With No Sleep

We’ve had some sleepless nights lately. Maybe it’s the transition to later nights for summertime, or maybe it’s because we love working late, but it’s just hard when you’re struggling with zero sleep. We’ve got the solution, though, for those sleepless nights and exhausted mornings (and the best part is, Target totally has everything we’ll need)

Fuel Your Body

If we’re struggling to fall asleep at night, it’s important that we’re reaching for the right thing to help us out. We love the Restful Sleep Olly Vitamins, which are exclusive to Target (or Olly’s own website) that help ease the body to sleep with Melatonin, L-Theanine, and some botanicals that finish the job.

When we’re struggling to wake up in the morning, a boost of Olly’s Endless Energy, which has some B-Vitamins and Caffeine, give us the extra boost we need to wake up (and they taste really delicious, too, with lemon and ginger flavor). Olly vitamins are part of Target’s subscription program, too; since we love to turn to these on the reg, we’re definitely happy to shave 5% off of our purchase price by subscribing to auto-ship online.

Even though this delicious mango-ginger protein energy drink from Healthy Mama is designed to be safe for fueling women who are pregnant or nursing, we can’t resist the delicious flavor that boosts energy naturally with B-vitamins and electrolytes. There’s no caffeine at all, making it a way to boost without a crash later.

Fake It Til You Make It

If we decide to go for caffeine, we don’t really mess around… we love that Target now has massive mugs that hold a full 24 ounces of caffeinated goodness. When we need just a little pick-me-up, they have plenty of cute 12-ounce mugs to save the day, too. These are perfect for the morning after restless nights (because they’ll help people believe we totes ARE a morning person).

The best fake of all comes from concealing sticks that totally make us look like we actually slept. A swipe of this Soap&Glory Kick Ass Just Bright tired skin concealer is our go-to so no one knows we were up until 5 am watching cat videos on YouTube (or… uh, totally working hard because of course we were!)

The pinky color of the stick helps offset the blues and grays that make up undereye circles, making this a go-to that’s just perfectly sized for swiping on and moving on.

Snag those Zzz’s

When we settle in for a power nap, or want to catch some extra morning sleep on the weekends, we want all of that crazy sunlight blocked out. Quick fix? A travel sleep mask that’s extra comfy-cozy and keeps sunlight out. Bonus? It’s small, so we can pack it when we travel, too, but it’s still perfect for using at home to feel like the Real Housewife of Your Own Life.

With Target’s great selection of music on their website, there’s always plenty of tunes to help you sleep (or energize you in the morning). Right now, we’re loving the folksy, rocky, hip-hoppy sound of Judah and the Lion. For soothing ourselves to sleep at night, Graffiti Dreams and Stockholm from their Folk Hop N’ Roll album are super gentle and calming. For mornings that get us moving, Take It All Back, Forever Always, and Folk-Hop Sound do the job.

Keep Track of It

To make sure we’re getting the right number of hours every night, we love a Fitbit tracker, which keeps track of every hour we get (and how many times we’re awake or restless during the night). We have ours paired up with our smartphone to make sure we’re hitting the right number of hours, and making sure we’re staying active enough to feel tired at night, too.

When we really just aren’t feeling the sleep, this journal is the perfect companion for writing down what’s keeping us up, or helping us unwind by jotting our thoughts down. Sometimes we have the best idea in the middle of the night, and a journal by our bed is super helpful for that. Plus, who can resist this super cute “I Can’t Sleep” companion?

What’s your sleep (or post-sleepless-night) must-have?

Let us know! We’d love to find some more great items to help us power through.

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