One Shelf Three Ways: Cute house shelf that has just been released at Target’s One Spot for $5

One Shelf, Three Ways

Walking into Target, one of the places we love to stop is the One Spot. It has so many unique treasures, and with everything under $5, it’s hard to resist picking up a few. Recently, we found an adorable trinket shelf that could easily work its way into any room in the house! With a few other fun Target items, this shelf could easily be used three ways in our home decor (but we’re sure you can think of many other fun ways to use it!)

Minifigure Display

One Shelf Three Ways: Lego

In its pastel color scheme, these shelves would be a natural fit in any nursery or play room, but it doesn’t take much to change it into a focal point of playtime by creating a custom LEGO Minifig Display. We took the shelf and used hot glue to attach LEGO pieces to the shelf, with one row in front and a slightly taller row in back. Then, we spray painted it with silver spray paint from the home improvement section of the store.

One Shelf Three Ways- Lego

In just a few minutes (plus dry time), we had a modern, fun shelf that put all of our kids’ favorite mini figures on display! The shelf spaces are tall enough to accommodate both traditional mini figures and Friends Minifigures, and the top shelf is perfect for animals and accessories. Not a LEGO fanatic? This shelf, sans LEGO bricks, makes a great display for Shopkins, Minecraft figures, and more tiny toys!

Command Central

One Shelf Three Ways- Clutter Catcher

This shelf isn’t just for the playroom, though. We love the cute house shape as a fun “home” feel for our walking-out-the-door stash, or our command central! From car keys (you can even add hooks on the bottom of the shelf if you need!) to notes and favorite trinkets, this shelf is a keeper– we found cork boards in the Hand Made Modern section, and simply cut them down to size and glued them in. Instant photo space!

Desk Organizer

One Shelf, Three Ways- Corner Caddy

But after this shelf helped us tame the playroom mini figure craziness, and gave us a spot to place essentials we needed to grab as we headed out the door for our next Target run, we wanted the same results for our desk. And as it turns out, the house shape of this shelf makes it the perfect corner organizer! We simply tilted it so the back rested on our desk, with the roof of the house in the corner. Instant organization for our favorite Washi tape, staples, thumb tacks, and more!

One Shelf, Three Ways

We knew this shelf would be so useful when we found it in the One Spot for only $5, but when we added some spray paint from Target, it totally took it from nursery chic to a must-have statement piece for any room! Which version is your favorite?

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