Organizing Toddler’s Drawers

As a professional organizer, I have tested out many different ways of organizing toddler’s drawers.  The most effective way to do that is by using baskets and file-folding their clothes.

By file-folding, I mean you fold the clothes and store standing up.  The best way to keep them standing up is by containing them in baskets.

My favorite baskets are the Room Essentials decorative baskets because they come in a variety of sizes.  You can easily customize the baskets to fit the size of your drawers.

But to get your toddler’s drawers organized, you must first follow these easy steps!

Organizing Toddler's Drawers Using Baskets

Empty Out Everything

The first step in all my organizing projects is to empty out everything.  I do this for a couple of reasons.  First, it helps you visualize a clear space.  Second, you can actually clean the space you will be working with.  And third, because it is easier when things are not in a specific place if they are not working.

Line Drawers

Then I lined the drawers.  I always try to line the drawers so that they stay clean.  I typically use wrapping paper.  My secret reason is because if it gets dirty/torn/worn out, I can just recycle it.  I don’t do anything special to keep the wrapping paper “stuck” to the drawer.  I put things over the wrapping paper, which ends up holding it in place.

Store In Baskets

I suggest storing in baskets so I can store the clothes standing up.  By standing up clothes, it helps my kids see what they have in their drawers so they can get themselves dressed independently.

Teach How To Use

Once all the clothes are put away, I spend a good amount of time teaching the kids how to use the system.  This is a HUGE step in keeping kids organized!

I start by going through each drawer and showing the kids what is in each drawer.  Then I grab a load of laundry.  When I am folding the clothes, I ask the kids which drawer that particular item goes.  This is an easy game that helps the kids understand where to find their clothes.

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