Outdoor Toys for Your Dog

The season is changing and days are getting colder. You know what that means? Less time outside with man’s best friend. Make sure you are taking advantage of the final days of fall with some great outdoor toys for your dog. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites to help you out!


Chomper Frisbee. The obvious first choice for any outdoor pup is fetch! No need to worry about what this frisbee might get tossed into – the rubber material is easy to clean up which makes it the perfect fetch toy for outdoors.50882546

Rope Tug Toy. Fetch is always fun, but a little game of tug-o-ware is even better with this rope toy. The rope makes it perfect for outdoors because it can withstand whatever weather it gets stuck in.


Tug n’ Toss. Mix your dog’s two favorite outdoor games with this toy. A little fetch, a little tug, a little rest for your throwing arm, or a way get your dog’s energy out. Switch from one to the other is a snap with the tug to toss handle.14918868 2

Trixie Poker Box. Sometimes we take our dogs outside because we have yard work to do. Don’t let your dog feel neglected. Give them a brain game like the trixie box where they work for treats and stay distracted so you can get the work done.


Foxtail Toy. This one is great for a family night out with the pup. Remember that elementary school game Dead or Alive? Include your whole family, dog included, in a night out playing Dead or Alive with this toy.

Ball Rubber Dog Toy. Last but not least, a rubber ball because nothing is worse than having to grab a wet cloth toy out of your dogs mouth after a long game of fetch. Especially when it landed in something nasty.

So what are you waiting for? Get outside and play with your pup. Enjoy these last few golden hours before winter takes your outdoor time away!

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