Packing Tips for a Long Weekend with Kids

Once school is out for the summer, we get the travel bug! We are lucky enough to be a short drive away from Chicago and a handful of cute, little beach towns, which make for perfect weekend getaways. No pre-trip prep is complete without a quick trip to Target to stock up on essentials!

  1. Start with a plan. Before I pack, I do loads and loads of laundry. We have a rule: don’t wear it this week if you want to take it on vacation! I check the weather, and lay out appropriate outfits for each of the girls, as well as an extra set of clothes (you know how kids are!).  
  2. Plastic baggies are your best friend. I slide each outfit into a bag, and label it by child and by day. When it’s time to get dressed, they can just pull out their bag. This also saves on space inside your suitcase, since you can really fit a lot into those ZipLock bags, and squeeze them down. Packing cubes are another great option if you have bigger kids, or are packing for yourself! 
  3. My continued love of plastic bags. I always stash an empty shopping bag (or 2) in our suitcases. It’s a great makeshift hamper for wet or dirty clothes. 
  4. Load the beach bag. If you’re going to a beach location, you’ll be taking a beach bag, so you might as well stock it. I fill ours with a handful of beach toys/bubbles (the Dollar Spot is stocked for summer right now!), beach towels, our favorite sunscreen, and a first aid kit. (You can score this one when you buy 3 First Aid products at Target – it has so many pockets!) 
  5. Toy organization. I am a happier person when everything has a place. Since I always anticipate a rainy day, or a slow morning, it never hurts to pack some activities and inside toys. Small, wire baskets are the perfect portable toy box! Target currently has these in the Dollar Spot! They also work great in the car, to hold travel games and snacks! I always hit the Dollar Spot (are you sensing a trend??), and stock up on the little art sets, pens, notebooks, and little toys. How cute is that felt busy book?
  6. Breathe! Traveling with kids is always stressful. But once you get to your destination, you can breathe easily, relax, and make some memories!!

Happy travels!!

Love all these tips! Defiantly need to go get one of those busy boards for my kids!
Those are great tips! Thank you so much!

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