Packing Tips for Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is a lot of work.

They require a lot of stuff, especially babies and toddlers.

Over the past decade as I have traveled with my own five children, I have learned quite a few tips and tricks along the way.

7 Ways to Make Travel with Kids So Much Easier

#1 Use a Separate Suitcase for Everyone

I used to have a little kids suitcase and a big kids suitcase, but I learned that it is easier to let everyone have their own.

Travel with Kids Made Easy: Everyone Has Their Own Suitcase

This also helps as the kids get older and have more responsibility. They know which suitcase is theirs to grab things or put them away.

Some of my favorite kids suitcases are from Target:

One of my biggest tips for traveling with kids is to allow each child to have their own suitcase. Here are some of my favorites.

  1. French Bull Dab Kids Suitcase
  2. Star Wars R2D2
  3. Circo Kids Upright Deluxe Suitcase
  4. American Tourister Star Wars Stormtrooper
  5. Fab NY Upright Kids Suitcase
  6. Crckt Upright Suitcase


#2 Organize by Outfit

This tip is a game changer.

Before a trip, I decide how many outfits and pajamas the kids will need.

I then start organizing by outfit using Ziploc storage bags.

I even recently started writing on the bags if the outfit was for a specific event, such as a night out to dinner or a party so the kids would not wear it before it was time.

In each bag, have a pair of underwear and any accessories that go with the outfit.

For my little ones, I include a Pull-Up in each pajama bag.

Travel with Kids: Packing Tips

#3: Use Hanging Storage Bags

I love traveling with over the door hanging bags.

They have pockets to put all kinds of odds and ends once you arrive at your destination.

These are particularly helpful at a hotel, and some can even be hung from a hanger instead of a door.

#4 Bring Laundry Bags

Whether you plan on doing laundry on your trip or not, laundry bags are a must.

For our family, I always travel with at least 5 laundry bags.

#5 Have small games or puzzles handy for down time.

I love to keep some card games and puzzles handy in case the kids are looking for something to do.

Of course, Target dollar spot is the perfect location to find great deals on little games, puzzles, and activity books.

#6 Make Sure Your Bring Your Sleeping Aids

In our home, we are huge white noise fans. While I know there are apps on the phone to use for this, nothing beats our LectroFan. We always travel with it because it helps us all sleep so much better.

Bonus: it drowns out noises from loud neighbors!

And do not forget blankies and favorite stuffed animals. Those are always comforting for kids as you travel.

#7 Use Backpacks for Hands-Free

When traveling, I always use backpacks for the kids extra items. Even when I had babies, using a diaper backpack was a lifesaver.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Skip Hop Duo Diaper Backpack
  2. Honest Company Diaper Bag
  3. Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Diaper Bag

The most important thing when packing for kids is to not go overboard.

There have been so many times that I have WAY overpacked. As my kids have grown, I have learned the right amount that we need for our trips.

Once you pack a few times for your family, it will all start to click. I promise.

Use the 7 tips above for a smooth traveling and packing experience with kids.

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