Painted Stone Easter Egg Craft For Kids

Painted Stone Easter Craft for Kids

Easter is almost here and this is a great time of year to try out some new craft projects with your kids. With the air outside getting warmer and spring blooms popping up all over the place we are anxious to get outside and enjoy the new gifts Mother Nature will bring us.

Today we are sharing a fun Easter craft that your kids will love to try. This is a great craft for kids of all ages. It lets them get creative with paint and help develop their fine motor skills while they decorate the stones. It also helps keep them active and get some fresh air while they search for the perfect rocks to decorate and forage for wild growing moss. Finally, it helps them learn about science, nature and how moss and grass grow.

Painted stone Easter eggs are a fun way to get into the Easter spirit without having to prep actual chicken eggs or worry about breaking them while you are trying to craft. All you need is a few simple supplies available at Target.

Let’s make a painted stone Easter craft with the kids!



Begin by washing your stones to remove any dirt and let them dry completely.

Paint the rocks with craft paint and a small brush to resemble decorated Easter eggs.

Take an Easter basket and line it with a plastic bag and fill with potting soil.

Next, forage for moss growing in your yard or a nearby park. Peel the moss from the ground and place it in the Easter basket on top of the potting soil. Spritz with water several times per week to keep the moss fresh. Place your painted stones on top of the moss and put your Easter basket out for display.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle grass seed on top of the potting soil. Place the painted stones on top of the soil and water the seeds every few days. In about a week you will have sprouted grass in your basket.

What fun are Easter crafts you making this spring? Let us know in the comments!

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