Pencil Flowers


Fall is just around the corner, the air is cooling off and kids are going back to school. With back to school time comes supply lists, this year when fulfilling the supply list for your child’s classroom why not add a little bit of extra flair to those pencils? These darling pencils are the perfect gift for any teacher. They are functional AND fun!

You will need:

These pencil flower are so easy to make that you will end up with an entire bouquet before you know it. All you need to do is cut flower shapes out with a Cricut. The flowers work best when the flowers are about 2 and a half inches wide and the center hole is about a quarter of an inch wide. You can add a circle to any flower design using the slice tool.

With these measurements, you won’t have to use tape or glue to get the flowers to stick, you can simply slide the flower over top of the pencil, pulling it down until until the flower is snug on the pencil.

Stick all of the pencils into the pot. With enough pencils in the pot, you won’t even need any filler, the pencils will just stay up by themselves! Arrange the flowers until they are just how you want them and your teacher gift is done!

This darling gift is so cute it will make the perfect classroom decoration even after the pencils start being used!

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