How to Pick the Right Sports Bra


It’s just not fair to get droopy breasts when you’ve put in the time and sweat to exercise. However, breasts are not muscles and the springy ligaments inside of them rebounds less and less with time as a consequence of genetics, gravity, and exercise without the proper support. During any kind of exercise where jumping and running is involved breasts move up and down and also side to side. During exercise when breasts are unsupported an A cup travels about an inch and a half in each direction and a D cup bounces up to three inches. That’s a lot of movement! The good news is that the right sposts bra can cut that movement in half and support your breast so that they will stay where we want them to be.

Below are some expert tips on nailing the right sports bra and a selection of our favorites from Target.

Before you Buy a Sports Bra

Look for straps, cups, and bands. These are the three things that will help support your breasts.

Straps: The less stretchy the front straps, the more support you’ll get.

  • Racerback: These kinds of straps anchor the bra close to the body providing more support.
  • Wide straps: Shoulder straps help distribute weight better which is key for bigger cups and are more likely to be adjustable and padded.

Cups: Hold the top of one strap and tug at the botton of each cup. The less give the better. The cup should hold the whole breast, if it doesn’t choose a bra with larger cup size.

  • Compression: Compression bras are great for smaller cup sizes and low -to Moderate- impact workouts, such as yoga.
  • Encapsulation: Bras with individual cups are better for larger-breasted women and for high impact workouts.

Band: Slide a finger under the band between your breasts, if you can pull it more than an inch from your chest that’s a bad sign. Next reach your arms up, if the band comes up it’s too big.

  • Pullover: Tank styles typically cover the back more than clasps, but the all over stretch is not rigid enough to adequetly support larger breasts.
  • Back clasp: Clasps let you tighten the band, from which 70 percent of the bra’s support comes. This is especially important for larger breasts.

Our Favorites And Why

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