Pineapple Mojito Recipe

If you saw my first post, on making a Dog-Friendly Easter Basket, you will know how much I love shopping at Target. They offer such inspiring products, and I could literally browse for two hours and feel like I’ve been in the store for about 5 minutes!

When I got the opportunity to create another post for this amazing blog, I was instantly inspired to make a Spring/Summer Recipe, and a Pineapple Mojito seemed like the perfect thing to share. This drink can be made as a traditional cocktail with vodka or rum, or just enjoy it as it is, with the fresh taste of pineapple and lime, and a hint of mint.

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I have really been wanting to make more cocktail recipes, and since Target is filled with all sorts of amazing cocktail ingredients (and so many adorable glasses and party goods), I thought this would be the perfect time to share my Pineapple Mojito Recipe with you. Sure, you can make yourself a traditional mint mojito, where you make a big mess with all of those ingredients, OR you could use a bit of a shortcut recipe – thanks to Target! I was instantly drawn to the eye-catching labels of the mixers from Powell & Mahoney Limited, which are great, because their mixes are naturally flavored (my fave!). I really don’t like when I see the words, “Artificial Flavors” on anything I’m going to eat or drink, so I knew this would be a great way to start a delicious drink! Most every ingredient and item in this post can be found at Target.


1 Fresh Pineapple


1 Bottle of Powell & Maloney Mojito Mix

Sugar For Rimming Glasses

Pineapple Juice (in the can)

Cream of Coconut (Optional)

Pineapple Drink Stirs from Spritz – found on an end cap near the party supplies

Striped Paper Straws in white and gold

Glasses – I found these 100% Recycled ones at Target on sale! YAY!



I learned the coolest trick while I was making these drinks. If you are already slicing up your fresh pineapple, reserve one circular slice for rimming the drinks! Simply place the pineapple slice on your cutting board, and while holding your glasses upside down, coat the rim with pineapple juice. Next, pour sugar into a shallow dish, and dip the rims of the glasses into your sugar! It worked so well, I was amazed!

 Time to blend your ingredients! In a blender that can handle ice well, blend about 4 C. Ice, 1 C. Mojito Mix, 3 C. Pineapple Juice, 1/4-1/2 C. Cream Of Coconut (or more if you like), and optional 1 C. or more of rum or vodka. Rum worked really well in this recipe. Also, feel free to squeeze the juice of 1/2-1 fresh lime, and add a handful of mint leaves if you would like.

My tip would be to add the liquor at the end, and if you need more alcohol (like you cannot taste it at all), add a dash more.

Blend until combined and enjoy! I garnished each glass with a paper straw, pineapple swizzle stick, fresh pineapple wedge, lime slice, and mint leaves. I love the colors of this drink, and the taste is even better!

  I hope you enjoyed this delicious Spring cocktail recipe for the best Pineapple Mojito around, inspired by Target!

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Katherine Accettura
Thanks for sharing! Here's to the weekend :)
Ursula Rosien
I've never had a pineapple mojito! It looks amazing! Pinned :) Can't wait for Summer weather 😍
Love this. And such pretty photos too!

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