Pool Ready with These Essentials

Summer is almost here!  Can you believe it?! Soon school will be out and you’ll be ready to head to the pool or beach for some fun in the sun and relaxation! If you live in a warm climate like I do in Phoenix it’s already been hot enough to enjoy the pool!


Now is the time to get ready for the pool and have a few great essentials on hand. Today I’m sharing with you my must haves for Summer to get pool ready in no time!
1. Extra beach chairs– these are great mostly to have on hand for the beach. But I also like to bring at least one to the pool since pools chair tend to fill up fast and it’s always nice to have one on hand in case you need to sit down or a kid needs a break out of the pool.
2. Pool towels– every Summer I like to stock up on a few new towels for the pool. They tend to get tattered and used well from season to season so it’s nice to stock up on them at the beginning of the season!
3. Pool Bag – every mama needs a good sized pool bag or two for stashing all the things you’ll need for pool days. I like these breathable mesh ones. They are great especially when you’re throwing wet stuff in them and shoving it into the car.
4. Pool floats– it wouldn’t be Summer without a fun pool float, would it?! I love all the whimsical pool floats out these days. They are so fun to have at the pool. Grab a few to get you pool ready and have a little fun this Summer.
5. Pool/Beach toys- I like these beach sand toys, and these diving rings to take to the pool as well.
6. Sunscreen– This is a must have! Don’t even get me started on how essential sun screen is! It’s a must. I love a natural based sunscreen for myself and my kiddos. Make sure to re apply throughout your time in the sun.
 These are just my faves to have on hand and refresh from season to season! What else would you add to the list? Tell me in the comments below your helpful tips to get pool ready for the Summer!

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