Pretty Hair Accessory Organizing

I don’t know a family that doesn’t have a drawer full of hair accessories. Most often that drawer is a hot mess of disorganization and is unnecessarily frustrating when you want to find matching hair clips or the exact hair band that you want. Styling hair doesn’t have to be frustrating when you get organized. And if you’re going to get organized, why not create pretty hair accessory organization so it’s that much more enjoyable. Life is too short for boring organization.

If you’ve spent more than two minutes in Target, you know that they have a huge selection of caddies. Caddies are perfect for so many different organizing tasks. A caddy allows you to keep items contained and organized, while allowing you to carry those items where you’d like to use them. You can’t do that with a disorganized drawer of hair accessories!

You can find a caddy for almost any organizing use. There are wood caddies, there are metal caddies, there are plastic caddies and there are holiday caddies like this pink one I found in the Dollar Spot. 

Adding coordinating washi tape to your caddy is the quickest, easiest way to decorate the caddy and coordinate with your decor. Washi tape makes it almost embarrassingly easy to make organizing pretty and fun. With washi tape, it’s just as simple to create coordinated organizing containers from repurposed jars. This allows you to design specific containers for your individual hair accessory organizing needs

Plastic cups with a favorite theme work just as well as containers for small hair accessories. There are designs for everyone’s interests. 

What do you want your tomorrow morning hair routine to look like? A crazy, hectic mess or a pretty, organized tote with all your hair accessories neatly in one spot that you can carry wherever you’d like? 

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