Rainbow Vegetable Spring Rolls

Full of colorful spiralized vegetables and rice noodles; these Rainbow Spring Rolls are PERFECT for Spring and beyond. Easy to make and yummy too! 

Vietnamese food is always yummy, easy to make and mostly healthy! From pho to Spring rolls and noodles to rice; all the recipes are great to try at home. I have seen a lot of people complain that Vietnamese Rice paper rolls are the trickiest of recipes to make at home. However, that is just a myth! Read below to see how easy it is to make them at home!

I have taken these rolls for many parties with friends, and believe me; these are the PERFECT appetizer for any party. They are generally gone in no time and my friends often want the recipe on the blog! This time around I planned to combine my love for these spring rolls with my passion for my spiralizer.

This recipe uses spiralized beets, carrots, pink onions and cucumbers. Along with that I added peppers and spring onion; which I sliced to use in the recipe. If you do not have a spiralizer, all the vegetables can be sliced. I really like how the spiralized veggies look in a translucent rice paper roll.

This recipe is amazing for any Spring party or even for weeknight dinner. We love this with a spicy sauce and some soup for dinner. They work really well as appetizers for a rainbow themed party. Once the vegetables are chopped and noodles cooked, it only takes 10 minutes to wrap up a dozen rolls. When cut into pieces, one can make up to 24 pieces in just 10 minutes!

The BEST part of this recipe is that it can be customized as per your preferences. Add in vegetables you like, leave the ones you do not. I like pan-seared broccoli, bean sprouts and cabbage in these rolls too! Add a protein if you do not want just veggies. Make these ahead of time and wrap each roll in lettuce leaves. Refrigerate till ready to enjoy. This way, the rolls do not dry out completely!


  • Vietnamese Rice Paper – 6-7 sheets
  • Assorted vegetables (I used Carrots, Beetroots, Cucumber, Red and Yellow Peppers, Onion)
  • Rice Noodles – 1 cup
  • Spring Onions – a few stalks
  • Sesame Seeds – 1 tbsp
  • Chilli Sauce to serve


  • Using a spiralizer and Angel hair attachment, spiralize carrots, beetroots, onion and cucumber
  • Chop red and yellow peppers and spring onions into thin strands
  • Cook the rice noodles as per the packet instructions
  • Place lukewarm water in a bowl and keep the vegetables ready
  • Dip the rice paper in water and lay flat on a chopping board
  • Arrange the vegetables and noodles on the corner and sprinkle some sesame seeds
  • Roll up the rice paper and cut it into half
  • Enjoy with chilli sauce on the side


  • If you would like, add a protein of your choice to the rolls. Pan seared chicken to stir fried tofu work really well with the vegetables in the rolls.
  • To store these, wrap them in lettuce leaves. Using any paper towel will ruin the rolls as they stick to paper!

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