Sleep Training – Not Just For Babies! Tools For Your Best Night of Sleep Yet!

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Sleep – the one thing that we can’t seem to get enough of these days. However, almost all of us aren’t receiving an adequate amount to perform at full capacity. We turn to things like caffeine and more caffeine to keep us functioning through the day. While we are team coffee, we are team sleep even more. And unfortunately, the two just don’t mix. Today we’re here to tackle the ever so needed subject of sleep and not just how to get more of it, but how to get better quality sleep as well. Yes, we train our babies to sleep through the night [which involves a LOT of prayers and pleas] but maybe it’s time we train ourselves to sleep.

Thankfully our favorite store [looking at you Target] has items that can help in this area. If you or somebody you know [think new moms] are having trouble in the sleep department right now, we’ve rounded up our favorite products for your best night of sleep yet! Hint: none of them involve escaping your home for a solid month and confining yourself to a quiet closet. However, if that’s necessary – do what you gotta do.

Here’s our top picks:

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robe // eye mask // lavender oil // sleep gummy vitamins // sleep mask // memory foam pillow

We love that there are all-natural ways to help in this area – especially through lavender oil and vitamins. If you haven’t tried lavender oil, try either diffusing it before bed, rubbing it on the bottom of your feet or behind your ears and let it work its magic. Another important item? A great pillow. Spend some time feeling different pillows in store and decide if you would like something a little more firm or soft. Of course, a fuzzy robe and eye mask don’t hurt when it comes to cozying up under the sheets and saying lights out. Of course, if we’re sleeping we may as well look good doing it. That’s why we added the Pixi nourishing sleep mask to the list – an all night mask that helps seal in nutrients while you are busy catching some zzzz’s.

Another awesome tool we found at Target is this Sense Sleep Pill. You don’t have to wear anything and no, it’s not something you take. You set it somewhere in your bedroom and it simply tracks your sleeping environment, wakes you up slowly with a smart alarm and so on. It will tell you what affects your sleep, what adjustments you need to make to your sleeping environment and more.


With these tools you will be relaxed and saying “lights out” like you never have before. What one item has helped you get a better night of sleep? While our ears are open, our eyes are not 😉 Sweet dreams!

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