Stack The Mess Away With These Bins

February is almost over and spring cleaning season is around the corner! Get a head start and stack the mess away with this great DIY bins. Today we are going to show you how easy is to transform a simple bin into a beautiful stackable storage solution.

The best thing about this project? A Target run! You will find most materials for this project in the crafts section, and we made a printable list for you take on your next Target trip.

Stack The Mess Away With These Bins Materials:

Wood bins with triangle pattern tutorial

First, we used three colors from the “Hand Made Modern” line in pink, gray and white acrylic paint.

Next, we created a triangular pattern with washi tape.

Then we painted each triangular section with pink, gray, and white, alternating all colors to make an interesting pattern.

Finally, we revealed the pattern and voila, we had our first stackable bin done.

We are using our bins for random objects left around the family room. And we didn’t stop here. Next, we also made another style of bin using wood letters and white paint. Take a peek below.

We chose two of our favorite hashtags #diy and #maker for each bin. You can label your bins any way you’d like. For example, your kid’s names or any word that speaks to you.

Wood bins with white outlines + wood letters tutorial

First, you will create a rectangle in front of one bin like shown in the photo above.

Step 2 is to paint outside the rectangle creating a “white outline” for the wood bin.

 Once the paint is dry, remove the washi tape.

Finally, paint the “sides” of the bin and once the paint is dry glue the wood letters to the bottom right.

What will you make? Do you prefer the colorful version with pink and grays? Are the white bins and wood letters more your style? We would love to see your version on our Instagram feed. Enjoy getting organized for the upcoming spring season!

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