Summer Boredom Buster Bucket

Keep the kids busy and entertained this summer with this fun-filled Boredom Buster Bucket!

If we had a dollar for every time the phrase, “I’m bored” was stated by the kids during the summer, we’d be rich! 🙂

School will be out before you know it. So, to get ahead of the game a little bit, we created this happy-looking, cute bucket and filled it with items that the kids can use to keep occupied during those long days and hot months at home.

We filled it with things every young child is sure to love, such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a rubber ball, jump rope, squirt guns and water balloons. This is sure to keep them content for a while! Plus, it’s a great incentive for them to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

Of course Target is our one-stop shop for summer must-haves. One trip there, plus a few inexpensive components are all it takes to create this simple yet sanity-saving bucket!

Here’s how to put it together:

You’ll need:

A vinyl cutter craft cutting machine, adhesive-backed vinyl and transfer paper (or just stencil on the lettering by hand)

A colored metal bucket

Summer Boredom Buster Items (such as a jump rope, bubbles, water balloons, a ball, sidewalk chalk, squirt guns, etc.)

Design and cut out the vinyl label. Transfer it onto the bucket using the transfer material.  You can also stencil the letters on with paint or write it on with a permanent marker.Now fill the bucket, starting with the largest or bulkiest items and filling in the gaps with smaller or narrower items.

That’s it! It’s so colorful and just screams summer time! Now let the kids have at it and enjoy their break!

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