Summer Road Trip Survival Basket for Kids

School is out and summer is finally here! We’ve been counting down the days until our summer break and we are busting at the seams ready to get the fun going! Now, that it’s here we are packing up and heading out for lots of adventures. But, spending all that time in the car, whether just to grandma’s house or on a cross country road trip, it’s always best to be prepared. That’s why I love shopping at Target to get everything I need to fill up a summer road trip survival basket perfect for kids to help keep them busy and occupied for however long we are stuck in the car for.

Summer Road Trip Basket

This summer we are planning to create a lot of memories and go on a bunch of adventures. But, even just going to the grocery store can sometimes be stressfull. Have two boys close in age, they love each other so much, but they also love to fight with each other. It’s bound to happen when you spend every single day with someone. To keep them busy on our journey, I stocked up with some essentials that will keep them occupied for a few hours. I know I could just hand them the latest technology device to keep them busy but I’d rather not have them staring at a screen for hours on end. The great thing about this summer road trip basket is that you can add as many things as you’d like and add or remove items depending on the length of the trip.

Summer Road Trip Basket

We don’t live too far from the places we are heading too, so our basket doesn’t have to be packed. Just some great essentials that are perfect for them that I know they love. From drawing and coloring, reading and snacking, I filled up a wire basket, because cloth bins will get messy fast, full of tried and true items that are always a favorite go-to for us.

Summer Travel Survival Kit

What you need to create your own Summer Road-Trip Survival Basket:

Now, that you have everything you need for your summer road-trip basket, put it all together inside the basket and place in your car. Grab the kids and head out on the adventure of a lifetime!!!

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