The Coolest Room On Campus

dorm room decor

With college back in session, it’s time to think about one thing – how to achieve the coolest dorm room on campus. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your parents you just agreed with us on that. Fortunately, our favorite store has plenty to choose from when it comes to making your space a place that not only you want to be, but all your friends want to be as well. With reasonable prices, bright fun colors and the latest decor trends – Target is your one-stop shop for putting ALL of the finishing touches on your new room.

We thought it would be fun to share what we are crushing on [while secretly wishing we were young enough to be back in school so that our dorm rooms could look this cool]! Whether you are in a tiny little room with 3 other girls or have a penthouse suite all to yourself [we want to be at your school!] there’s plenty to choose from below.

There’s no greater place to start than in the main gathering place, the living room, so lets begin there. Come on in!

living room

mirror with drying rack / lamp / light up marquee letter / succulent / pillow / clock / futon

As you can see we are loving bold color trends with some pops of white thrown in for that ultra fresh, clean and crisp look. This couch also doubles as a bed [more commonly known as a futon] and is perfect for entertaining late night Netflix chill sessions, and by that we totally mean study sessions.

Speaking of study sessions, you’ll probably need a place to do that so we’ve got you covered there as well. We are loving this simple white desk. Pair it with a bold pink chair, mint desk lamp and throw in a fun pillow and you’ve got yourself the cutest place to do homework. With this set-up, you might actually convince yourself to write that final exam.


Of course, after all of that hard studying you are going to want a relaxing place to rest your head at night. Good news – we’ve got everything you need and more right here to turn your sleep zone into a dream zone. bedroom1

bedding / hey hey hey sign / beauty sleep pillowcase / nightstand / egg chair / pouf / hamper

And because we couldn’t help ourselves, we thought we would throw in a few extras because really – what’s a dorm room without a coffee mug and a sign professing your love for tacos? Exactly, #necessary.


rolling cart / throw / #loveit pillow / tacos print / mug / ampersand / doormat

Congratulations – you are officially on your way to winning the coolest room on campus. When it comes to getting good grades, you just earned yourself an A+ in interior design. When your friends ask how you did it, you can tell them one thing, #targetmademedoit.

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