Tips for Brewing Coffee and Tea at Home

It seems like coffee and tea are more popular than ever and with good reason.  They are good for you, so long as you keep the add ins to a minimum, and they are comforting and warm in the winter and refreshing and cold in the summer.

Whether you are just getting into these two popular beverages, are an aficionado, or prefer one over the other, there are some tips so you have the perfect beverage, and as always, Target has us totally covered when it comes to products to make our experience rival that of those fancy cafes.

Check out the slideshow for all the items you’ll need, but before you do we have some tips for you.

For coffee, you want to think about how serious you are about your love and how much time you want to invest.  Already brewed options if you aren’t sure how you feel about coffee.  They are great for busy mornings or to keep on hand at work.

Ground beans and single cup pods are an option when you want to take things a step farther.  You will need some kind of coffee maker.  The options are endless but there are a couple choices in the slideshow that will have you covered whether you want a giant pot or just a cup.

Consider roast options as well.  Light roasts often have a bright flavor that can have fruit, particularly citrus, notes.  Dark roasts have deep flavors that can include chocolate and caramel.  This really boils down to a flavor preference since they typically pack roughly the same amount of caffeine.  Of course, there’s always decaf.  We like swiss water process options when possible.

If you are ready for a committed coffee relationship, whole bean coffee is the way to go.  You’ll have to grind your own but we think the flavor can’t be beat.

For tea, the possibilities are slightly simpler.  Only slightly.

Flavor options are plentiful.  There’s black, green, decaf, herbal, and just about everything in between.  Sampler packs are a great way to see which flavors might be your favorite.  While it’s good to stock a classic or two if you are going to be drinking tea regularly, we think it’s fun to try new, out of the box flavors as well.

Unless you are really serious about tea, we recommend buying tea already in bags.  Loose leaf tea is always an option, but you’ll need an infuser or supply of bags.

Tea in bags is great whether you are at home or on the go.  Stash a few bags at the office, in the car, or your purse for any time when the moment strikes.

Whether you plan to enjoy your beverage at home or on the go, there are mug options that have you covered with style.

You’ll have to excuse us while we go make a cup of coffee for ourselves.  Or tea.  We can’t decide.

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