Tips to Create the Best Wedding Registry

Creating a wedding registry is kind of intimidating. What do you fill your wedding registry with? How many items do you add? These are all great questions….and tough to answer, especially if this is the first time you’re creating one. We’ve added a few pro tips below that will help put your mind at ease and create the perfect registry at Target.

1. More is better.

In the case of registries, more is always better. You want your guests to have a lot of options to choose from and depending on the price point of the items, your guests may be purchasing multiple items. If you feel lost, Target has a registry checklist that’s perfect for tracking. Check off categories as you add more to your registry to see what’s left.

2. Be strategic in which brands you choose.

Find out what brands are offering deals. For example, Circulon is giving away a free sweetheart pan if a couple receives $300 of Circulon products from their registry. Find an offer that appeals most to you and add products from that brand to increase your chances of getting it. It’s not hard to rack up dollars, especially for kitchen items like pots, pans and silverware!

3. Mark items you really, really want as important.

Maybe you bought a blender last year and you don’t really need to replace it, but would like to upgrade it. Maybe you’ve had your dishware for 5 years now and you desperately want to replace them because they have dents and cracks on them. How will your guests know which one is more important to you? Easy! There’s a flag marker on your Target registry. Just click it to mark as important. Guests can sort/filter by flagged items, so they will know what’s important to you.

4. Add notes to help guests on what to buy

Does a dish set go with a silverware set? Would you want all 4 sets of glasses to be purchased together instead of separately? These nuances are perfect to add in the notes section. Don’t be afraid to add comments – this will help guests understand your wants and guide them on what to purchase.

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