Top 5 Items at Target to Pack in Your Kid’s Camp Bags

Ah, it’s that special time of year: Summer Camp Time!

What’s funny to us is that we always think it will be easier than school, but it’s not! In fact, it often calls for earlier mornings and much more prep. For example, during the school year, our kids have the option to buy lunch. Not so with camp! Not to mention having to pack swimsuits, towels, sunscreen, bug spray, t-shirts for tie-dying, snacks, ice packs, water bottles, money for ice cream, and more. So much more! This is day camp, but we’ve found that whether you’re prepping for day camp or overnight/sleepaway camp, you still need to be prepared with the good stuff.

So of course we went straight to the source (Target) to find out how to BEST be prepared for any kind of camp, for kids of all ages. We did the work, so you don’t have to do the work.

  1. Versatile swimwear. Camp can have more than one type of water activity – swimming in pools, swimming in lakes, boating, water balloon fights, water gun fights, etc. We love this girls’ swimsuit because it has matching stretchy shorts and stays cozy all day long. Similarly, this boys’ rash guard and matching swim trunks allow for comfort and style.

Girls’ Baewatch One Piece Swimsuit Set with Shorts – Cat & Jack™ Blue

Boys’ Shark Fin Stripe Swim Trunks – Cat & Jack™ Blue

Boys’ Gradient Rash Guard – Cat & Jack™ Blue

2. Sleeping bags are a must! Either you’re staying in a cabin, lodge, or tent, OR, even day camp has rainy days and movie nights. There’s also a need for a great sleeping bag for that extra warmth and padding during cold or cool summer nights and days.

Coleman® Montrose 40 Degree Sleeping Bag – Blue


3. Bug spray and sunscreen. We love this Outdoor Explorer set because it’s perfect for camp backpacks. 50 SPF sunscreen and insect repellant in one! We toss these sets in each kid’s camp bag. The sunscreen provides UVA/UVB protection and is non-allergenic and tear-free. The bug spray smells great with its plant and essential oils, and is good for the whole family.

8oz Personal Insect Repellents – Babyganics


4. A good duffle/weekend bag. We love this one, with its wonderful color and versatility. It’s awesome for school, sports, sleepovers, weekend trips, and all things summer camp! It’s also roomy and has cool compartments to make packing and unpacking easier.

Boys’ Stripe Weekender Bag – Cat & Jack™ Green


 5. Mist ‘N Sip Water Bottles. These are perfect for summer camp. They’re easy to squeeze, for one, and are flexible and with a great water flow. The bonus is a fine water mist to cool your kids down. No doubt, these are the best water bottles for summer camp, AND, they’re at Target!


While a summer bag checklist may seem easy to write, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what will be the most comfortable and useful for hot, muggy, and buggy summer camp. That’s why this list is the perfect starting point for what kids really want and really need for camp.

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