Top 5 Back-To-School Target Must-Haves

Back-to-school season is almost upon us! Soon, we will be stocking up on classroom supplies, art supplies, and new outfits for the first day of school. I’ve rounded up my top 5 must-have items to send your kids back-to-school with, and the bonus? You can snag them ALL at Target!

  1. standing pencil case | 2. water bottle | 3. sneakers | 4. backpack | 5. bento box

There are SO many cute backpacks out there, with characters and wheels and all the bells and whistles. I like to go with something practical, that can fit my kids’ weekly folders in, and that isn’t a hassle for them to lug on and off the bus.

If you have picky eaters like me, then packing a school lunch can be a pain. I love using a bento box, since it a) lets me get creative with their food, and b) keeps their food from touching other food. It’s a win-win!

I like sending my girls to school in closed-toe shoes, since they go outside twice for recess. But who says they have to be boring?! How cute are these quilted sneakers? I would totally wear these in my size!!

What else makes your top 5 list for back-to-school shopping?

These are all wonderful ideas!
What a great round up! Loving these finds!
I love this guide! As a teacher I can honestly say that these are great suggestions!! I love that bento box!
Love all of these!!
Such great ideas!

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