Top Ten Things Your Teenage Son Needs For The First Year Of College

Did you ever wonder how kids grow up so fast? I mean, you seem to blink, and they are headed off to college. I don’t know about you, but I want to burst into tears just thinking about it. It is worse now for me, as my oldest will be headed off in a little over three months.

2 months? I only have 2 months to get him ready to go?!? He decided to start school for the Summer session, so we have less time to get things ready. It’s a good thing Target is close by, I can grab my favorite warm beverage and spend hours checking out the aisles AND remember all the fun times we had.

During these strolls down the aisles, I managed to come up with the top ten things your teenage son needs for the first year of college.

top ten things your teenage son needs for the first year of college

One of my fears about sending my son out into the world at a college 3 hours away is that he won’t have everything that he needs to be comfortable. So I thought I would help other parents’ with these same fears by sharing the items that you absolutely must get to send your teenage son off to his first year of college.

Top Ten Things Your Teenage Son Needs For The First Year Of College:

1. Vitamins & Supplements

We all know that college kids don’t always have the best eating habits. So help them out by sending them out into the world with a good multivitamin and an immune booster. Always check with your physician first before adding any vitamins or supplements.

2. Hand Weights

Target hand weights
Hand weights have a dual purpose: they help stave off the “Freshman 15” and work as a door stop. Great for meeting new friends in the dorm because they hold your door open.

3. Brita Water Bottle With Filter
Brita Water Bottle With Filter
My son is starting in the Summer, so that means it will still be crazy hot! He will be able to keep himself hydrated by always keeping his Brita Water Bottle with him. He will be able to fill it at any water station to have fresh, clean water.

4. Fans of all Varieties

The dorm where he is staying has no air conditioning, so it was suggested to have a box fan for the window, a high-powered fan for the desk, and a cooling tower fan. Combining these with hand weights holding open the door should help to alleviate the Summer heat.

5. A Good Mattress Topper

This is one area where I won’t regret spending a little bit extra so that my son will be able to have a good night’s sleep. If he sleeps, I guess. If he can’t be at home, I want him to at least have a comfortable bed.

6. Twin XL Sheets.

These are easy to clean, and will easily fit on a mattress topper. And since they come in a variety of patterns, there is something for every teenage boy.

7. Bath Towels

We wanted to make sure that we had towels that were sturdy and easy to clean. These Performance Solid Bath Towels are perfect for him. Plus, we were able to match his school colors.

8. Backrest Pillow

It is great for reading, studying, or just relaxing in your room. Or, in the case of teenage boys, a late night video game tournament.

9. Plastic Baskets for Organizing All Those Little Things

These decorative bins serve so many purposes and come in a great variety of sizes. Perfect for in the closet, on the desk, or under the bed.Organizers for the desk.

10. Organizers for the Desk

I admit, my son is not always the neatest person. So this pencil cup and letter organizer should help with that. You could also have these letter trays for papers, too.

So there you have it. The top ten things your teenage son needs for the first year of college. Oh, in case you are wondering where he is going? Here’s a hint:


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A shower caddy to carry all his toiletries to/from the shower.

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