Toys that Empower my Daughter

Nothing says, “It’s a trap!” more than shopping in the toy section at Target, and I’m not just talking about when we’re shopping with our kids. We are no match for those thoughtful, colorful, well-placed items. It’s the very stuff of childhood dreams. It’s also the very stuff of our adult dreams.

Ever since Target moved away from Gender-based signs in the last year or two, we have stopped to appreciate how toys are organized there, and maybe (or rather – of course) we have been known to be so inspired by great products in a great setting, that we have cultivated some favorites. It’s not just the Target aisle differences that makes us take notice, but it’s the products, packaging and placement. The three magical P’s! The approach is unique, and it redefines toy sections for us.

What do we want for our daughters? We want toys that light up different parts of her brain, and show her new possibilities. We want toys to make her think in different ways – than maybe she’s ever been shown. We want toys that don’t make you feel guilty about buying yet another toy for our children. We want building. We want learning. We want growing. Most of all? We want redefining.

You don’t have to feel conflicted about gifting any of these toys to a girl in your life:

LEGO Minecraft

This one is actually a two-in-one! We’ve loved LEGO for decades now, and we’re delighted that they seem to always be doing more outreach for girls. Our daughter was one of only two girls in LEGO Camp last summer. She also took a Building class through the school, and I hope this trend continues. Building sets encourage kids to branch out in their play. As for Minecraft, it is so popular for both boys and girls, that you can’t help but root for your kids to use it.

Primary Science Mix & Measure Set

What’s not to love here? From the adorable cover models on the box, to encouraging young girls to pursue science, we’re in love. We think this toy will be a huge step toward unleashing STEM skills.

Mindware Science Academy Lip Balm Lab

From the girl AND boy on the cover, to the beautiful art of learning more about how things are made and how things work, we think this is an empowering product. Who doesn’t love lip balm?

Fantasma Magic Set 150 tricks

Magic! The girl in your life can impress her family and friends, and build her confidence and motor skills, with this set of 150 tricks!

Valtech Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 74 Piece Set

Magna-Tiles are for a wide range of ages and we have such a weakness for them.  It’s fun to see our daughters learn about building, exploring, and creating supportive roofs for their creations.

Nerf Rebelle Epic Action Bow

Why Nerf? As former daughters ourselves, we can remember borrowing our brothers’ Nerf toys! While the Nerf line of toys is perpetually fun, archery is a particularly character-building skill. And sure, it’s pink, but it’s also inclusive, thoughtful, and welcoming. The Nerf Rebelle line is full of many toys in a variety of colors – all designed to inspire and empower girls.

Discovery Kids Art Sketcher Projector

This is where art and science collide. Perfect for all kids 6+.


DC Super Hero Girls Supergirl 12″ Action DollDC Super Hero Girls Batgirl 12″ Action Doll | DC Super Hero Girls Bumble Bee 12″ Action Doll

DC Super Hero Girls has a whole new line of dolls and accessories. Bonus points for the wardrobes.

Miraculous Action Doll – Zipline Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug is a new superhero in town (or Target), and her toy and clothes line will inspire every girl to save the world.

Little Tikes Touch ‘n Go Racers – Red Truck


This is our last nod, even though these toys are meant for younger children. We love the purple packaging with the boy on the cover, and the blue car/red truck with a girl on the packaging. Our daughters were impressed! So were we.


Girls’ Beauty and the Beast Bold and Brave  | Girls’ Lego Batman Girls’ DC Super Girls 

While the girl in your life plays with all her cool, empowering new toys, she’s going to need some inspiring clothes to wear too! Messages of boldness, bravery, and togetherness prevail at Target!

Stephanie Pass
What a great collection! My youngest would so love all of these toys. She's been Super Molly for a few years now and loves to wear her cape.
Some great ideas for christmas stocking fillers, but the only one I wouldnt buy is LEGO. It is such a rip off for what it is. Even a Lego worker I know says its overpriced! :D
Angela Harris
Thank you for sharing. These are great choices for little girls and some I would have never thought of.
Kita Bryant
Legos and those science kits are loved by all the kids in our family, gender aside. They're great for taking learning to a fun level. ;)
Karrie Truman
Oh my goodness, I love Target! I always come out of there with so much more than I need. Most of the toys you listed (a good portion at least) are ones we've purchased or have looked at before. Our kids love going and shopping and picking out new toys.
Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen
Those are such great toys! I love buying toys for my daughter that encourages creativity. She loves minecraft, though.
I love that purple costume. It makes me want to buy one for myself.
What a great list of toys! I bet my niece would love all of these. Definitely have to spoil her this weekend haha!

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