Update Your School-Aged Childs’ Desk for Back to School

Update your desk for back to school

As the summer begins to wind down it’s time to get ready to head back to school. As my boys prepare to walk the halls as 3rd and 5th graders, it’s the perfect time to update their desks to reflect their growing and ever changing personalities. Target is the perfect place to get everything I need to make the change from an arts and crafts station to the perfect place to sit down to do their homework. It doesn’t take much to make a big impact and we love the amazing selection Target offers to get everything ready and set for the new school year.

Back to school desk ideas

To update our desk spaces, I cleared everything off and started from scratch. I had a few items already I knew I wanted to incorporate but headed straight to Target to pick up what I didn’t and got busy adding a few essentials I knew they would need to keep them organized and prepared for whatever they may need.

Supplies I used:

Supplies and decorations for desk

I added a world globe, we already had on hand to the desk and paired it with an awesome wooden giraffe I found in the decor aisle at Target. Plus, I don’t know about your kids, but mine fight over everything, so I picked up these little chalkboards and wrote their names on each one with a piece of chalk and placed on their desk. This way they know whose desk belonged to whom. Plus, I love the look of chalkboards on the desk for decor as well.

Supplies and decorations for desk

School supplies are a must! Crayons, glue, pencils, colored pencils, paint brushes, etc. I can’t get enough! I grabbed a copy of school supplies list and bought a few extras to keep on hand for projects, homework, and the occasional craft time. They may be growing up but they still love to fit in a coloring book or two every now and then.

Back to school ideas for desk

Books and a laptop are a must! My oldest is entering the 5th grade and everything is done on the computer. From reading logs, math questions, and test, he uses the computer so much and he needs a spot to place his computer down and work on his homework. A nice, quiet spot away from distractions and his litter brother. Plus, I made sure each of their desk areas were stocked with their favorite books. They both love to read and I want their new updated desk spaces to be that spot.

School Age Desk Ideas

To finish off the perfect desk space for my school aged boys, I added a colorful desk lamp, lots of pencils, and a container to help keep the pencils and supplies at their ready. You can update your school aged child’s desk with theses simple, sleek, and perfect ideas to help them head back to school.

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