USA Canvas Decor for your Patio

Summer has finally arrived, complete with BBQs, pool days and of course the 4th of July. There is not better way to celebrate Independence Day than by proudly showing off your stars and stripes. These cute and bright canvases make it easy to do just that. With just a quick trip to Target, you can have everything you need to get a little patriotic with your crafting!

You will need:

These canvases come in a two pack which is perfect for this project! One canvas will be our stars and the other will be our stripes! Cover one canvas in star stickers. You can either find star stickers to use or do what we did and cut a bunch of vinyl stars with a Cricut.

Add stripes of tape across the second canvas about every two inches. Use the tape as a guide so the stripes will all be the same width. You will want the canvas to look like the photo below. Everywhere there isn’t tape the canvas will be red and everywhere there is tape, the canvas will stay white.

Once the vinyl and tape is on your canvases, you can start painting. Paint the canvas with the stars blue, painting away from the center of the stars as much as possible. This will help keep paint from getting under the vinyl. Paint the canvas with the red tape, paint from the center of each piece out. Allow the canvases to dry completely and then peel the stickers and the tape off. Hang them together on your mantel or patio any place that you need a touch of red, white, and blue this summer.

How do you decorate for the 4th of July?

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