Welcome to the Neighborhood Gift Basket

Earlier this Spring my family moved into a new home, our dream home that we built from the ground up. We moved into a newly developed neighborhood. When we moved in we were one of the first to move in, actually we only had one other neighbor on our street three doors down.

We’ve watched over these last few months houses be completed and new families moving in, which is so exciting to finally have neighbors! I thought it would be fun to head to my local Target and find some great items to put together a ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ gift basket for them.

Moving can be crazy, and moving somewhere new can also be intimidating. Say hello to your neighbors and gift them with a special gift and get to know them. Who knows, these could end up being your best friends, your neighborhood watch and long time support!

First, when I head to Target I always check the One Spot, they usually have some great baskets and containers at an affordable price. Usually items here run between $1-7. Very quickly I found a great basket in that section that was three dollars, and the perfect size for a few goodies!

One thing I think is really nice to buy to people are dish towels, pot holders and tea towels. I find that these make great gifts and usually people don’t love spending money on these items but they enjoy having them in their home. I’m immediately drawn to these from Hearth & Hand, but I also loved some from Threshold as well.

yellow pot holders | stripe towels 

Next up, I love adding a hand soap and dish soap in a welcome basket. Why? When people are moving these are the things that they usually don’t move these items and need to restock these. Mrs. Meyers make some great scents!

Add all your items into the basket/container of your choosing and head on over to greet the neighbors! Some other great items that you could add to your basket would be cute notepads or notebooks, candles or room sprays.

What are some of your ideas for meeting the neighbors and getting to know them? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Allison Waken
I do something very similar! Always have to pick out something cute in the Dollar Spot ;)
Kimberly Sneed
That's such a sweet idea! I don't think I've ever given a neighbor a basket like this, but I have for new homeowners, especially since Andre is a realtor.

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