Witch Broom Parking Sign

(This post was originally posted in 2017, we are excited to share it again!)

With Halloween just around the corner, all of the little ghouls and goblins who are headed to your house this October are going to need to know where to park their brooms when they stop by. Make it easy on them with this easy and darling Witch Broom Parking Sign. Made from wood and vinyl, this sturdy sign with last through many haunts to come.

You will need:

First paint your board solid black. You will probably need more than one coat to make it completely opaque. Just make sure to let it dry completely between coats.

Either cut vinyl letters that say Witch Broom Parking using a cutting machine or use letter stickers to fill the top portion of your board with the words.

If you don’t have a cutting machine, brooms are easy enough to cut from vinyl by hand. Cut a long skinny handle with one rounded end and then cut a rounded triangle with fringe on the end. Cut brooms of all different shapes and sizes for your board. You will need five in all. After you have cut out all of your brooms, peel them off of the vinyl backing and stick them down to the sign. You can use a credit card to smooth out the vinyl and get out any air bubbles.

After the vinyl is down, your sign is done! You can add a picture hanger to the back, or just set it on your mantel or book shelf. For an extra fun look, hang it on one of your walls and then rest a bunch of play witch brooms against the wall underneath it!  Wherever you decide to display it, this sign will add some spook and some fun to your Halloween celebrations.

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