Workout Must-Haves for New Moms Getting Back into Fitness

Moms are strong and can do a whole lot and always take on so many tasks. Even postpartum, the itch to be active remains. Post baby bodies are a thing to be celebrated, and whenever the choice is made to get back into fitness, that can be celebrated too! We applaud the ability and desire to surge forward on a path to postpartum fitness. We know it’s not easy, what with the sleepless nights and little alone time, not to mention what our bodies go through when delivering a human being into this world, but with a little patience it can be done and you’ll feel all the better for it!

First, go slow. We can’t stress this enough. The must-haves we’re listing here can be basic, yes, but they are a reminder that you don’t have to push yourself. Take your time, work out with what you have and when you can, making sure to ease your way back into a fitness routine that works for you.

Light Hand Weights

Aching arms are a new mom special. Step right up, moms, and welcome to the aching arm club! We believe in arm exercises because you’ll soon be carrying a toddler around, but also because they can be done while sitting or standing and while in workout clothes or in the same pajamas from the night before (we know how it goes). For those times when we’re just too tired to move, but still want to get some toning in, arms workouts are great. And for those times when our arms feel like jelly from lifting everything around the house all day, three pound weights will do just fine. It’s then okay to just increase the pounds as you feel like!

Water Bottle

Specifically, a water bottle that is spill-proof and leak-proof and definitely one where it takes an adult hand (read: more advanced pushing of a button) to get anything out of it. We know that as children grow and become mobile, those items you don’t want them to have will be precisely all they want to have. Purchasing a water bottle that our kids can toss around without leaving behind one more thing for us to clean is pretty much perfection.

Activity Tracker

Any activity tracker will do. We sometimes feel overwhelmed, that even the smallest of goals and accomplishments make all the difference. Can we be real here for a second? When you are hands deep in the bodily functions of a baby, getting some steps in and seeing all the work you do is definitely a reason to clap yourself on the back. We like to see how much working out we’re doing by just being a mom and even if goals aren’t met all the time, we like to take the approach of “look at how great we did” as opposed to “oh, we could’ve done better.”

Set movement goals and know that having a child means your day and, therefore, your activity level can be up in the air. And then, be okay with that. You’re doing awesome!

Favorite YouTube Channel

We love nap time. It’s the time of day when we can relax more and do what we are excited about. While sometimes it is nice to get out of the house and go to the gym for some alone time, it’s not always feasible. Plus, the allure of living room workouts while we wait for the little one(s) to wake is just too great. We feel way less of a need or desire to dress in cute workout clothes (that we don’t even want to wear because they don’t mingle with our postpartum bodies the same), or to do our hair, or to even get in the car and actually go.

So, YouTube workouts are where it’s at. Many people forget about this option and buy a gym membership they don’t use or just don’t bother working out at all. YouTube, being accessible to anyone basically anywhere at any time and costing nothing is a wonderful option. Plus, with so many channels dedicated to workouts of all kinds, we always find something that’s perfect for what we’re looking for at that moment.

There are even fitness channels dedicated to encouraging moms with easier exercises that then increase in intensity as some time goes on.

Ps: YouTube workouts are also fantastic for when your child is playing by themselves and you can just watch them and the TV at the same time!

Yoga Mat

When you’re very newly postpartum, intense exercise that involves a lot of cardio can be daunting and actually, not very comfortable at all. Yoga is this great balance because it’ll provide a workout – the practice improves your core which is important for so many things (carrying a baby, developing great posture despite constantly bending over) – but yoga also brings serenity. Grab that soft music, dim the lights and namaste with stretches and fluid movements that’ll make you feel both accomplished and peaceful.

We also love balance balls, stretch bands, and, of course, cute workout clothes! Because there are just some days when we all need to feel fantastic, even from the comfort of our own homes!

What workout must-haves are on your list?

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