You’re a Gem of a Friend Valentine with Free Printable

You're a Gem of a Friend Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and so are those Valentine’s Day school parties. Making valentines for each kid in your child’s class can be time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. This darling Valentine complete with sparkling rings from the Valentine section at Target is easy to pull together and it’s just so much fun.

You're a Gem of a Friend 2

For this Valentine you will need:

You're a Gem of a Friend 3

Print out the printable at the end of the post on cardstock to give it stability. Cut out each of the valentines, there are six to a page. Have your child address them to each child in their class. After the cards are all addressed, you are ready to add the rings. Using a small blade, make an incision in the middle of the large gem of each valentine. A single cut is perfect for holding the ring firmly in place on the card.

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Remove the rings from their packing and push a ring through each of the cuts you made in the cards. With the single cut, you should have to force the ring into the card. This will help the ring stay in place. If you are really worried about the ring sliding around, you can always add a piece of tape to the back of the card over the ring.

You're a Gem of a Friend 5

Within just a few minutes, you have some fantastic valentine’s that the kids in the class are going to love!

Ready to download this darling printable for your child’s Valentine’s Party? Grab the printable here. 

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